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Defenders Christian Academy is a Christ-centered K-2 school, focused on high-quality education through an active learning style.  Our school is located outside Buchanan City, Liberia in a small, highly impoverished district where education is out of reach for most children.  We provide a safe and loving learning environment for many of these children and also for the children in foster care on the Psalm 82:3 mission.  As many of these children are severely malnourished, we also provide a nutritional meal to help them grow physically as they grow spiritually and mentally.  We believe that Liberia’s future will be changed through the power of Christ working through these children as they grow to become Liberia’s defenders of the weak and fatherless, and upholding the cause of the poor and the oppressed.

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Defenders Christian Academy is currently funded through the donations of generous sponsors who believe in the power of a Christ-centered education for the children of Liberia. All funds given towards DCA are used to pay our teachers and administrator a fair and dependable salary, purchase books and educational supplies, provide daily meals for students, and to give scholarships to students who would not be able to attend otherwise. We are also quickly outgrowing our school and will need to add an additional school building in the near future to continue to add a grade each year. Currently, our school has five classes: ABC, K1, K2, 1st, and 2nd. As God provides, we intend for the school to become an ABC-6th grade school in the next several years.


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About Defenders Christian Academy

After spending a year in Liberia with my children, God ignited a fire in my soul for providing a high-quality, Christ-centered education for the children I know and love so well there.


Education Director – Psalm 82: Mission