Psalm 82:3 Mission

Defend the weak and the fatherless; and uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed

Our Mission

Clearly, God instructs Christians to come to the rescue and deliver hope to those that the world has abandoned – the orphans, widows, defenseless and oppressed.
There are certainly people in every culture and that the world has seemingly abandoned. Through his providence, God drew Psalm 82: Mission to that group of people in Liberia, Africa – a country formed by emancipated slaves of the United States, a country that was decimated by prolonged civil wars, a country in which the unemployment rate is above 80%, and yet a country that is steeped in Christian faith.

Psalm 82:3 Mission has embarked on a mission to develop a self-sustaining orphanage in Liberia that will partner with an existing US-based Christian adoption agency to place orphan children in loving, Christ-centered homes. More than a stand-alone orphanage, our mission includes a 50-acre self-sustaining village with a church, a school, and a care center for widows and elderly, a therapy and medical clinic and 25 acres of agriculture for sustenance and revenue.

Look What God is Doing!

We are on an amazing journey of faith. Whether you are a faithful supporter of this mission or just an interested in what God is doing through Psalm 82:3 Mission, we encourage you to follow-along and see how God does some pretty amazing things, to His glory.


As a advocate ministry of Lifesong for Orphans Psalm 82:3 Mission is held to high standards for financial accountability and transparency. Click on the images below for more information.
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