A few days ago I received the above picture from Pastor Eric, newest team member to our Buchanan team. Above the picture were these words, “This kid asked me to take care of him. He said no food to eat. He expressed his interest in forming part of the orphanage.”

To our knowledge this little boy doesn’t have a family, and is given an all too familiar label as “street kid.” His clothes represent the norm of a child growing up on the streets of Liberia. The scratches on his face tell a story of experiencing more hardship familiar for way too many children. The blindness in his right eye forecasts an even more difficult future as a child with a disability.

I don’t know if this little boy can read, or what his future holds, but I know that he was created for a purpose. I know that God cares about his story just like he cares about yours and mine. I believe a difference can be made in his life and the lives of hundreds of other children just like him. I don’t know if Pastor Eric or Morris will cross paths with the little boy again, or if this was a moment that Jesus talks about in Matthew 25:34-46.

On December 9th at 6 PM, a group of “Defenders” will gather together at NorthEast Christian Church in Lexington, Kentucky. They will gather to enjoy a delicious meal and be introduced to the beginning stages of a new option for kids like the little boy above. They will be treated to a special song by 2 amazing kids adopted from Liberia. They will gather to dream alongside of our Liberian Project Manager, Morris. They will gather to give. They will give of their time in prayer and financial resources. Most importantly this group will choose to defend the child that can’t defend himself or herself.

The Psalm 82:3 Mission team is ready to walk boldly in faith. God has already moved so quickly since we returned from Liberia that we don’t want to be the ones to slow down what He is doing. Originally the plan was to prepare the land during this dry season in Liberia, and look to build the first home between Oct ’18-May ’19. However, when we hear stories from Liberia about the tremendous amount of needs we believe it is time to really get started. We believe it is time to build the first orphanage before the middle of May 2018. To open a home that introduces children to Christ and helps cross their story with the storywriter. To get between 20-30 children off the streets and introduce them to a story of hope and love. Therefore, the goal of the banquet is to continue walking by faith to raise $130,000!!  This money will complete phase 1 of preparing the land, purchasing a large generator and dependable vehicle, and getting our NGO in place in Liberia. Beyond phase 1 it will allow us to build a 2 story orphanage home complete with 6 bedrooms, 3 bathrooms, 2 rooms for dedicated house mothers, a kitchen, and an office space. We are walking by faith and asking you to join us!

You can give in advance through psalm823.org or by check and mark your gift for Buchanan Project. You can give of your time by dedicating this night to prayer! You can be a part of making a difference! You can join us at the banquet by letting us know at matthewrlee80@yahoo.com;

Will we reach the goal? Find out next time…

Special Note:  As you enter the holiday season, I want you to know that I am already thankful for you! The fact that you are reading this means you care about doing something bigger than yourself and making a difference in our world that we live in. We appreciate your prayers and your generosity. Gifts of any size makes a difference, and we can’t do what God has called us to do without you being a part of it. All gifts are 100% gifts meaning they go directly to making a difference in Liberia!
Happy Thanksgiving!!