Defend the weak and the fatherless, uphold the cause of the poor and the oppressed. (Psalm 82:3)


Psalm 82:3 Mission, Inc is a Christian, non-profit organization defending the weak and fatherless by empowering communities through foster care and sustainable community resources.


Psalm 82:3 Mission is developing a safe, Christ-centered children’s village and sustainable community center in Grand Bassa County, Liberia, Africa.


Psalm 82:3 Mission focuses on 5 Target Areas to achieve the Vision.

1. Foster Care
2. Church & Community Initiatives
3. Education
4. Medical
5. Agriculture and Business Development

Strategic Goals- 2022-2025

Equipping the Saints to Defend the Weak and Fatherless!

1. Develop & Equip 10 Coaches in Target Areas
2. Double the Donor Base
3. Develop Long-Term Plans for Foster Care
4. Complete Next Step Capital Projects
5. Prepare Ministry for Global Food Crisis