About Liberia

Liberia, West Africa has a population of 4,503,000 people English is the official language and over 20 indigenous languages. The country’s capital and largest city is Monrovia. The country of Liberia has an 85% unemployment rate with more than 85% of its people living below the international poverty line of $2 per day! As of 2006, Liberia had the highest population growth rate in the world (4.50% per annum). In 2010 some 43.5% of Liberians were below the age of 15. These numbers have continued to worsen over time. Currently Liberia is listed as the 4th poorest country in the world.

Buchanan is the third largest city in Liberia, and capital of Grand Bassa County. It lies on Waterhouse Bay, part of the Atlantic Ocean. It is nearly 2 hours southeast of Monrovia, and is referred to as Gbezohn in the local Bassa language. In 2008, Buchanan had a population of 34,270. Fishing is an important industry in Buchanan. Between Buchanan and Roberts International Airport is a very large Rubber Tree Plantation owned by Firestone.

Grand Bassa County is located in west-central portion of Liberia. The area of the county measuring 3,064 square miles. In 2008 the county had a population of 224,839, making it the fifth most populous county in Liberia.

Neekreen District. This district is located nearly 10 miles from the center of Buchanan City, and has a population of 32,058 as of 2008.